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Navigating safely through life

Special vest is a reminder tool for people with special needs. The identity system of Special Vest was designed keeping in mind the core beliefs the founders have for making this product.

Safety +
Sheild +


Keep track of all your special needs though one app

Adult or a child, the Special vest application was designed to be accessible for everyone with special needs. Tracks everything from day to day routine to pills.

Keeping track of all your pills and medication

The most important thing that everyone is prone to forget is pills. Taking pills in the right amount and at the right time can be very critical for people with special needs, therefore we build it into Special Vest.

Keeping up with the daily routine

Special Vest allows the users to set a daily routine from waking up in the morning to saying goodnight.

The app interface

The interface of the application was designed by paying attention to
user mindset and familiarity, by using the best practices and
guidelines for both android and iOS platforms.

Building a robust design system

Good design happens through consistency in color and type


Roboto Typeface

Abcde Light

Abcde Regular

Abcde Medium


Screen title


Bot. Nav.


18 Light

14 Regular

14 Medium





Spreading the word
through web.

The main purpose of the website was to describe the product to the people
its features and how it could be used and to provide support to the users.

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