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Semiqolon is one of the top ranking mobile app company in the UK, the USA, Canada, the UAE. We are known for helping start-ups in both small and large enterprises; development, design, and launching the customized mobile app. is good at developing all types of mobile app, which ranges from Android, Hybrid, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone and recently added to our list is Android Pie. We provide all the backend resources for each of the app mentioned above. We work together with you as a mobile app developing partner in creating the best mobile applications.

As you know today we live in the world engrossed in tablets and smartphones. Thus, mobile app development plays a vital role in digital marketing strategy for your company. These mobile apps get stronger and impactful content on the mobile screen, creating a resourceful brand experience for your target audiences. Our team of developers works on a steady framework, latest tools, SDK for getting desired design. Now you can customize any mobile app for Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows with We are just a click away. Write to us at for further assistance.

Why choose us?

  • We have a team of experienced mobile application developers.
  • In-depth knowledge of mobile technologies and app development process
  • Creates better wireframes.
  • We stick to our delivery dates and are a cost-effective service provider.
  • Our UI design helps in determining the look of the app in advance.
  • Our team of experts does app testing to remove the bugs for user-friendly mobile app experiences.
  • Our advanced UX design works back-end of app development for a smooth app flow.
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Some of our mobile application development services. understands quite well when it comes to mobile application development, there is never one-type approach to be followed. You can either develop a web-based mobile app, or an iOS app, or a hybrid mobile app, or an Android app etc. Below are a few of our mobile application development services.

iOS app development

With advanced iOS technologies, we are known for building high-end responsive mobile app designs that are good-to-go with different Apple devices, such as: –

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Watches

Our team of iOS developers works on developing innovative and impactful app designs, to double user engagement for your business. Here we make sure developing an easy-to-use and user-friendly iOS mobile app.

Hybrid app development

With Hybrid app development, we combine HTML5 with several types of mobile platforms like Sencha and Phone Gap. This Hybrid app has the flexibility to access each mobile feature and is known for its interactive pattern.

Android app development

Our android developers at design and develop each type of android app for smartphones and tablets. We design for all social media platforms, health care centers, sports, restaurants, educational institutions and many more. Our developers are good-to-go with the latest version of Android operating systems, i.e. Android Pie.

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