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Introduction is known for proving startup solutions for both small and big scale companies at a low pricing. We understand young entrepreneurs like you run short of funds to hire big consulting firms. So, we pop-up for you with a complete business analyzing strategy plan.

Why select us?

These days startups target mainly on quality investment of time and funds in the correct direction. Each day we see many startups come into existence and almost 70% of them sinks into the dark hole of finance crunch. Do you know the reason why they disappear? Just because these budding entrepreneurs miscalculated the unpredictable challenges below: –

  • Inaccurate choice of business partner.
  • Lack of resources and financial planning.
  • Fail in time management and trap themselves in unrealistic profit expectations.
  • Unprotected cybersecurity system.
  • Fail in winning the trust of consumers.
  • Wrong choice of hiring inexperienced professionals.
  • Competing tuff market competition without any solid plan; and many such reasons.

Before you tangle yourself in any of the above wrong moves, come to us. We are just a click away

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web design agency
web design agency

Logo and brand identity development

Semiqolon understands for any startup the most important thing is making a deep impact on the minds of consumers. That’s the reason we mainly focus on your logo and brand development. We do know these days online brand identity plays a crucial role in the success of any startup venture.

As such a brand is not the one you want to tell the customer, rather it is the customer who tells each other is the brand any startup could look-up for. We even understand a logo is a key element of any brand, which is the immediate visual display for your startup business solution. Thus, our team of experts understands the importance and work in getting you an interesting logo and a detailed layout of your brand identity online. This helps in getting your startup an individual visibility differentiating you from other competitors in the market. So why go elsewhere? When we are good at getting your logo and brand development at a reasonable pricing.

Design and UX mentorship for your product

Our team of experts’ design and UX mentorship of your product by understanding the blind spot of your startup. We work on improving your soft skills such as presentation, communication, and overall teamwork. We leave no stone unturned to make your product presence impactful.

Quick turnaround time on the dynamic website

Semiqolon is known for creating interesting and effective websites for its clients. If any startup consulting solution agency is in a hurry to launch its websites, then you can always rely on us. We can get your desired website ready within 3 days or a week. You just need to pay a little extra for that service.

Marketing plan

At we get you the best business planning, analyzing and strategy solutions. Our business consulting solution agency provide a marketing plan to its clients in the USA, the UK, and Canada. Firstly, we do strategy branding, positioning, and web presence. Secondly, we get your startup blogging, video promotion, PR and SEO for better link building. And lastly, we nail the coffin with an efficient powerful advertising plan. So, come to now!

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