The Process

An insight into our creative process

1. Strategy

Gathering Requirements

We sit down with you to understand what you need and create an outline of all the requirements

Setting up goals

We find out the intent of the product i.e. how the product will be used and by whom

Creating a timeline

Based on the requirements and goals we set up delivery milestones

2. Research

Analyzing the competition

We study all your competitors and determine how to create differentiation

Understanding Stakeholder needs

Talking to the stakeholders such as board members, employees help give us a better idea of the product

Understanding consumer needs

Interviewing users helps us understand their mental model on what problems they might face while using the product

3. Brainstorming

Defining the problem

Isolating the biggest design challenge gives us a starting point to work from

Coming up with solutions

We come up with 2-3 solutions to work with for the defined problem

Generating a conceptual model

Based on user mental model we determine how the product should work which helps in providing clarity to the team

4. Design

Sketching Low Fidelity Wireframes

At this stage we now start sketching out pen and paper wireframes of the product layout

Creating High Fidelity Wireframes

Using the sketches we then create wireframes on computer with color and type and make things look good

Making Interactive Prototypes

Now it's time add interactivity to the prototype to simulate the finished product for testing with users

5. Usability Testing

Testing Prototypes with real users

During testing, we observe where users are having difficulty using the product

Gathering Feedback

We gather all the user feedback from testing and look for all the major problems

Making improvements to the Design

According to the feedback gathered we make all the necessary adjustments to make the product more user friendly

6. Development

Setting up a technology stack

Now is the time to determine which technology would work well best for our product

Coding the front and back

After the technology is decided frontend and backend programming is stated

Testing for bugs

When coding is completed the product is now in beta, means its time to quash all the bug

Cleaning Up

The product is given all the finishing touches by cleaning up all the extra code

7. Delivery

Running the final Checks

Before delivery, the product is once more thoroughly testes to make sure the product is ready to launch

Creating Required Documentation

To help stakeholders and users understand how every aspect of the product works we create all the appropriate documentation

Take Off

Finally, the product is released to the usersbase

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